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Astra distribution offers the Leaper family of products that is comprised of Programmers , Emulators, IC Testers, Logic Analyzer , Programmable Power Supply, Electronic Learning Aids, and an assortment of other niche electronic devices .

The programmers are divided into three groups: Universal, Application Specific and Stand-Alone Gang type. The first two programmer types are connected to a host PC while the Gang programmers can be operated from a host PC or in stand-alone mode.

Engineered for the electronic technician, the top-of-the-line Leaper-48 is a true Universal programmer with a device library exceeding 10,000 integrated circuits and can be updated via the internet. The value priced Leaper-10 has a device library of nearly 5000 pieces.

The Application Specific Programmers include the LP-PicStart, LP-3C, LP-3D, LP-9, LP-5E and the JTAG UDT-1.

The industrial strength production floor Stand-Alone Gang Programmers consist of the SU-300, SU-1000, SU-2000 and SU-3000.

An assortment of optional adapters are available for a variety of IC package types including SOP, SSOP, uBGA, TSOP, PLCC etc.

Logic Analyzer
The LA Series help minimize your project risk by providing the most reliable, accurate data capture and the most complete view of system behavior. These products are ideally suited for you on hardware/software debug, parametric and mixed signal testing and complex debugging. Moreover, their compact size and ability to connect to a PC makes them an ideal solution for use at remote sites.

Impulse Winding Tester
IWT-5000(Impulse Winding Tester) is the advanced design of the test instrument for the insulation performance of the coil. It is used to test the coil wire material, magnetic material, framework and process craft whose can influence debasement of the insulation performance of the coil layer, circle and down-lead.

Leaper-48 Features

The LP-48 is a high performance universal chip programmer built for light or heavy duty use. Its portable design and USB interconnectivity makes it a breeze to set up and deploy.

The LP-48 device list exceeds 10,000 pieces and grows with each web-downloadable software update.

In addition the LP-48 supports low voltage components up to 2.5V and provides a user-selectable one or two-pass Verify Vcc function.

The LP-48 provides ultra fast FLASH/EPROM programming. It'll write a 16 Mbit FLASH chip in about 30 seconds.

The Leaper-48 Windows based host software is intuitive and a easy to learn and remember.

With Automatic Device Detect and other fail-safe features including a graphical display, the LP-48 provides a user friendly environment to Read, Erase and Program thousands of integrated circuits.

Optional Device Adapters are available for virtually all chip package types including: SOP, SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP, PLCC, VSOP, PSOP, WSOP, QFP, SDIP, Micro BGA and BGA.

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